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In the world of packaging, cardboard boxes are most renowned and highly used boxes. These are the outer layers that protect and preserve the products packed inside them. There is no confusion that nowadays these cardboard boxes are preferred and employed by all the small and large-scale industries. To tell you the truth these boxes complete the outlook of the products. However, to lure the customers these boxes plays a dynamic role. Moreover, the attractive features of these boxes used for packing help in making judgment about the quality of the product packed inside. If packaging is great then the product in it is definitely have high quality. Majority times, people have been using this approach and had never been wronged themselves.

Types of Packaging Boxes

There are variety of materials refers to the term cardboard, which includes cardstock, paperboard, and corrugated fiberboard. Often for cardboard boxes, this word is used when all the types are to be referred. There are three types of custom cardboard boxes rigid boxes, folding cartons, and corrugated boxes. Rigid boxes are such type of boxes that do not fold and collapse easily. Because of their sturdy nature, they are preferred for higher end products like mobile phones to provide extra support. As per the name suggest, folding cartons have the flexibility in their nature. This style of packaging is seen for the products like cereals, medicines, soaps, perfumes etc. Third type is commonly referred as shipper packs or brown cardboard boxes. They are usually employed for shipping purposes. Besides, some plastic boxes are also widely used.

Variety as Retail Boxes

When it comes to the variety of the custom packaging paper boxes, you will find a lot of them. There is not a single field in which you are unable to see these custom cardboard boxes. Whether it is small grocery shops, stores, malls, or designer outlets. These printed boxes are given different shapes for different products and purposes. For instance, display boxes are dynamic in displaying things on counters, cake boxes for cakes and other bakery items, cosmetic boxes; for perfumes, makeup kits, electronics so on and so forth. All these boxes are very much important for their own fields. They are designed and customized with special specification relating to the products. As there are some products which need biodegradable features while other needs to have strong atmospheric resistant features to defend and preserve the merchandise. Manufacturers and retailers consider all these minute but important details of great importance.

Corrugated Box is definitely one of the most popular packaging boxes. There is number of advantages provided by these corrugated packaging boxes to the customers but the one most important is the protection of the products. The corrugated layers provide the strength and rigidity from within. These have the ability to absorb and resist the various forces like jerks, bumps etc. as already told they are available in various thickness, they are the best option to opt as custom shipping boxes. As for long-distance routes, these boxes fulfill all the requirements, which are needed for shipping purposes. For this reason, many companies prefer these corrugated boxes.

Easy to Customize

Customization is an important feature of these corrugated boxes. These boxes can be printed in anyways depending upon the demand of the customers. When it comes to the personalization, this is the easiest and efficient way to interact with customers. Therefore, these custom corrugated boxes are printed with company’s logo and details. For printed corrugated boxes, there are various options to select. For instance, digital printing, screen, and lithographic printing. This printing will turn your boxes into a marketing medium for the company. Moreover, these corrugated boxes wholesale are available in various shapes and sizes. As corrugated material are easily molded.

Sustainable and cost-efficient

Another benefit of corrugated boxes is their sustainability. Moreover, they are cost-effective, which means that they are manufactured with inexpensive tool at low cost. In addition, custom corrugated boxes require less labor than other materials, which turns these corrugated packaging boxes highly affordable.

Except for packaging box, cardboard can be made into other products like Playing Cards, Paper Cards, Packaging Bag and Labels, Labels, Paper Bag, Notebooks, etc.
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