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A baby bed has a lot of advantages, especially for mothers who look after the baby alone for the most part of the day. The infant bed will not only get used during the night time but will prove to be a piece of very helpful baby furniture in managing your baby during the day as well.

There are many advantages to letting your baby sleep in a baby bed, like:

1. Baby can sleep more peacefully without getting disturbed: When sleeping in a baby bed, your baby will be able to sleep peacefully and get a night of undisturbed sleep. Often, if your baby sleeps with you in the same bed, your or your partner's movements can disturb the baby's sleep, waking him/her up and in turn waking you up to put the baby back to sleep.

2. No danger of baby rolling off from the bed: If you manage your baby alone during the day then sometimes going to the bathroom can also become tricky! If your baby is a few months old and is awake and you have to go to the toilet then you will definitely face the dilemma of how to leave the baby alone? But if the baby is in the baby bed then you can be sure that the baby won't fall off accidentally and hurt him/herself as all baby beds have a railing for child safety.

Adding a few baby bed accessories like a child mobile to the bed will keep the baby entertained in the baby bed too! Till the time your baby does not learn to get up and stand on his or her own, you can easily let your baby sleep, play or simply lie down awake in the baby bed as you do other work or take rest yourself

3. Sleep training of baby can be started right from birth: Babies that sleep with their mothers ask to be fed more often during the night as the physical proximity with the mother, her smell and the disturbances due to sleeping with adults tend to make the baby demand more night-time feeds. This frequent waking up in the night is detrimental for sleep training. Once the baby gets used to sleeping with parents the habit will be very hard to break or change when as they grow up.

For mothers who breastfeed their babies and babies who like to be breastfed multiple times during the night, using a baby bed that can be attached to the bed is a good option. One can easily take care of the night time feeds without having to wake up fully, or without making your baby too restless. When your baby sleeps near you safely in the baby bed, you will be able to hear your baby's cries or stirring and immediately tend to your baby.

A baby bed will help you to let your baby sleep safely, without them running the risk of getting accidentally hurt either by you rolling over them or accidentally stepping over their delicate body. Please remember for baby bed safety, it is very important that you make your baby sleep on her/his back in the baby bed to avoid the dangers of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It is an important thing to remember and pay attention to when you make your baby sleep in the bed for ensuring the safety of your baby.

What to Look For When Choosing a High Chair for Your Baby
Since you will be spending quite a lot of money on a high chair, you’ll probably want it to withstand at least two years of regular use or more if you’re looking to pass it on in your family. Well, that’s about durability, but there’s more you should check in a high chair before buying.

1. The first thing you need to check in a high chair is how functional it is. You must check if it comes with:

a detachable tray. This makes picking your baby out and putting him in a little easier and also makes cleaning the tray a whole lot easier.

wheels so that you can move it around from one room to the other. Also check, if the wheels can be locked to keep the chair stationary while feeding.

a transition option so that it can accommodate the needs of your growing baby. You will find many high chairs that can convert into a booster seat or a normal chair. Yes, you can now buy a multifunctional high chair too!

2. If space is an issue, you may want to consider a foldable chair. You can even buy a portable chair – it’s a great space saver and can be carried around while travelling or when going to a restaurant with the baby.
3. Babies and food is a messy combination, which means that you will need to consider a high chair which is easy to clean. The lesser the assembly and set-up in a chair, the easier it will be to clean. A chair with complex assembly or parts can be hard to clean and harder to re-assemble if you decide to detach the parts (tray, seat, cushions, etc.) for a thorough cleaning.On the other hand, a simple, functional chair, (think a minimalistic wooden or plastic and steel chair) which lacks crumb-catching crevices can be cleaned and assembled easily. If you want to avoid constant scrubbing and cleaning the nooks and corners of the chair, a basic model will be your best bet. That said, you don’t have to buy a basic model if it doesn’t appeal to you. If you don’t mind the little extra work, you can buy a high chair with additional parts and embellishments, that your baby will love sitting in.
4. Look for the comfort factor when buying a high chair for your little one. If you’re dreaming that your baby will stay put in a high chair for a decent amount of time, or at least until you finish your meal after you’ve fed him, look for a chair that has a well-padded seat, a footrest, and nothing that could be uncomfortable for your baby.
5. Your child’s safety is of prime importance. When buying a high chair for your munchkin, do check its safety features. Look for a chair which has seat straps that are easy to buckle and unbuckle. Confirm if it has a three or five-point harness to keep the baby secure on the seat. Check for a crotch strap too as it will keep your baby seated snugly and prevent high chair accidents.

The benefits of having a child start using a potty early
Potty training is an important step for a child to take. It teaches them to become more independent, and it is a huge load off your shoulders to not have to buy or change diapers too. Because of this, there can be a lot of pressure to get your kid potty trained, especially if it is required for them to get into a daycare or school. There is a lot of bad advice out there on what you need and when you should start training. This blog is here to help you decide when to transition from diapers to the toilet and to give you some advice for when you do. Learning to use an early baby potty depends largely on the parents’ desire and proper communication with their child. After about a year, children can control their bladder and it is good to have an idea of what the pot is and what it is for, and why not established hygiene habits. It is good for the parent to monitor the child’s daily habits. One of the benefits of early potty training is the ability to reduce or eliminate the use of diapers – this means saving money on diapers and diaper accessories, generating fewer non-degradable disposable diapers and using less energy for washing and drying cloth diapers. Another plus is that diaper rashes and related infections are avoided. Of course, the child gets used gradually when he is ready and can be stable, has dry periods and can stand quietly on the potty. Starting early is best for you and especially your child, but the best way to approach the training will be different for every child. It is however important to remember that stress and discouragement will only hurt your child’s ability to master this skill. You have to build an environment of love and care that lets your child know you aren’t discouraged when they have accidents along their potty training journey in order to facilitate learning. Some children will learn very quickly while others might have more difficulty mastering this new skill. But the bottom line is, potty training is a skill that has to be meticulously taught and learned.

Playpens: The Pros and Cons
Parenthood is both exciting and exhausting. From the moment you get pregnant to every step of your child's growth, you'll have to make crucial decisions about how happy, healthy, and safe your child will be. You'll have to make one of these decisions about whether a playpen is suitable for you and your child. Playpens have gone in and out of fashion over the years. Its purpose is simple; it is intended to be a place where a crawling baby or a smaller toddler can be placed to prevent them from hurting themselves and be safe, knowing that the baby cannot climb onto the sofa or get hold of any dangerous objects. The parent or carer can perhaps cook a meal, visit the bathroom or answer the doorbell.
The Pros
Safety: This is the primary and perhaps indisputable advantage of having a playpen. You can put your child in it and have him play so you can do your chores while he's insight. This can be especially useful as your baby gets active and would want to explore more because he has more space to move around while you're nearby.

Independence: It also provides your child with a safe area that is their own and is ideal for independent play. Here are some reasons why independent space is essential for your child.

Convenience: Many playpens available in the market today are being referred to as "multi-purpose." It can easily be transformed into other pieces of gear, like a changing station or a baby gate, and most can easily be folded down or broken down flat for traveling.

The Cons

Space: Playpens take a lot of space, so they are not ideal for small homes, cottages, or rooms.

Physical Restriction: Playpens may look like a baby jail, and your baby may feel like their freedom is restricted. It may limit the natural movements of your baby, like crawling or walking.

However, if you use the playpens for short periods and ensure that your baby has plenty of entertainment, they will be perfectly safe. The important thing is that the baby is not left in the playpen for extended periods.

The features of mini baby potty
This mini baby potty is the shortest potty on the market, designed for shorter, younger, smaller infants and toddlers who are eradicating communication or early potty training. Perfectly sized for kids who struggle to fit other taller mini toilet chairs on the market, this small toddler potty makes toilet independence easier (and often takes care of accidents and resistance). Here are some advantages of it:

There are no rubber grips on the bottom because we wanted this potty to be light and easy for toddlers to pour "by themselves"...so you don't want to use this potty on a rug, mat or towel.

Recyclable and made of lightweight and BPA-free plastic, you can put the small toilet in your car, bed, or even in a diaper-free bag.

High splash-proof design for less mess for little boys. The back has a simple handle for easy carrying and dumping. Ultra-thin plastic is easy for baby to use.
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